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Let's work together to make it world-class and get it done 100 times faster than doing it by yourself!

I want to invite you to work with me personally - over the next 5 weeks - to get your own print book in your hands giving you the most powerful marketing asset you can have. I'll take you through the exact same process I've done with tons of others, resulting in HUGE benefits for their businesses, incomes and personal lives.

Are you interested?

Ultimately it's your call, you can:

  • A) Go at it alone and get the same results that you've been getting. OR
  • B) Work with me to get your book actually done and in your hands helping you establish authority in your marketplace and converting prospects into paying clients.

This is NOT an online course, info-product or "new tactic".  You've done those before and you know what the results are like.

This is me and my team working directly with you to plan, produce and publish your very own Credibility Book.

BUT...  This is NOT for everyone...

Please read below to make sure that you meet the following criteria before moving forward:

  • You are good at what you do and you believe that you can be the best in your market
  • You understand the value of having a print book and what it can do for your business AND you're ready to publish your own
  • You must be willing to "work" with us for approximately 90-minutes over the phone or Skype call. After that we take care of ALL the details
  • You'll respond to any questions we have in a timely manner
  • After we have successfully published you a fantastic Credibility Book that you are 100% completely ecstatic about you will provide us with a testimonial with or without a picture of you holding your new Credibility Book.
  • You're cool and fun to work with!

IMPORTANT: You know in your heart whether or not you're ready to move forward in publishing your own print book - with our help of course. With that in mind, please respect both our time and only apply if you're ready to learn more about our proprietary process, get your questions answered and to see if we're a good fit to work together. If you're not ready please don't apply.

On the other hand, if this makes sense and you are ready to move forward - awesome - click the button below to complete the application form and...

If your application looks like a good fit I will invite you to an initial exploratory Skype call (or phone call) to discuss all the details including: our process, how it works, what's expected of you, how we make it super simple for you, the investment plus anything else we need to cover so you can make the best decision possible and to ensure we're a good match to work together.

Please note we only take on ten (10) new clients per month and some spots are already filled. So if you're ready please don't wait.

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Success Stories

The Credibility Book program offered by Drew was everything as promised.

Working with his team was amazing, and the response was fast.  I got my book don't faster than they had promise.  The changes I had asked for was done quickly.

Overall I am pleased with the end product, and now I am working getting the results from this great marketing tool!

Randy Walden

Getting my book published with Drew was a great experience. He was helpful, professional and courteous all the way through. Always willing to make any tweaks or major changes without the slightest bit of grumbling.

If you are thinking about getting a book published,  I would definitely recommend you go to Drew.

John McDonald