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Success Stories

I was recently a part of Drew's Credibility Book program. Jumping in I wasn’t sure what to expect but Drew helped every step of the way!

He demonstrated a very positive attitude throughout the process and helped me establish a series of goals in manageable pieces. If I had some questions or problems, Drew would take the initiative to help me over the obstacles, and allow us to find a solution quickly.

Overall this was a great experience and Drew was there each step of the way.

Paul Conant

The Credibility Book program offered by Drew was everything as promised.

Working with his team was amazing, and the response was fast.  I got my book don't faster than they had promise.  The changes I had asked for was done quickly.

Overall I am pleased with the end product, and now I am working getting the results from this great marketing tool!

Randy Walden

Getting my book published with Drew was a great experience. He was helpful, professional and courteous all the way through. Always willing to make any tweaks or major changes without the slightest bit of grumbling.

If you are thinking about getting a book published,  I would definitely recommend you go to Drew.

John McDonald

Greg's Case Study is one that truly shows the power of what a Credibility Book can do for one's business.

Greg and I go aways back. We lost touch for awhile but started meeting again when he started his consulting company. That's when I first introduced him to Credibility Books.

It didn't take Greg long to buy. And after a few consultations, trainings and guidance from me he published his first book! And just like most Credibility Books, it was not traditional.

His first book was a recap of a seminar he attended. He wanted to write several blog posts about what he learned and how it may help his clients. But instead of 12 blog posts he wrote a Credibility Book - or booklet as he likes to call them.

Once that first book was done he realized he had a framework he could use over and over to create similar style books. That's how Amalgamate was born! This new framework made creating his second book super easy and fast!

He now hands out one of his Amalgamate books to every new person he meets and always gets a thank you a week or so later.

So far he has given out 300 books that has directly resulted in over $30k in new business!!

Even though one book is enough - due to his success - Greg now plans to publish two new Amalgamate books each year.

Greg Chambers